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The Good Home Cookbook Review and Giveaway
Ends August 19th @ 8pm est

Bounty Experience (P&G) and COSI outing. (this was a free event for anyone)

Greeting Card Memory Albums - 2 Albums to Giveaway! Ends August 12 @ 8pm est *THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED*

Tastecasting Review of Morton's Steakhouse

Rubbermaid All in One 20 Piece Food Storage Review and Giveaway -Congrats to JASON!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Console Caddie Review and Giveaway

The creator of the pouchee, Anita Crook also developed this Console Caddie. It makes a great tote to carry things in and out of your house to your office and back again. It is also good to just keep in your car to keep things organized.
One of the Doctors I work for loves the large black one. He puts his Iphone, physican phone sheet, pens and I am not sure what else in it and says he loves it to carry things from his office, to his car and then to his house.
There are 2 sizes. They are both 5 inches tall (not including the handle). The larger one is 8 1/4 inches (long enough for a checkbook) and the smaller length is 7 inches.
They are a heavy leatherette fabric in either black or tan. The handles are stable and it has a gusseted bottom to be able to stand up when full.
Inside has credit card pouches, lipstick or pen pockets, a divided middle, pouches on both sides for all your odds and ends.

Pros: *Great size to keep all your little gadgets from falling all over the car.
*Has separate pockets to keep things organized.
*Can work as purse organizer or separate mini purse.
*Can use it to organize other areas other than your car.

Cons: *Only comes in black and tan and not other fun colors.

To Purchase

Go to and click on the pouchee page. Scroll down past the pouchees (although you can check them out too!) and you will find the car caddies.

To Win the small black car caddie.

1) Go to my pouchee page and click on the pouchee page.
Check out the car caddies and give me an idea of how you might be able to use it.
You can be doesn't have to be used in your car! Then come back here
and comment on it for your entry to win. Make sure that you have your e-mail
in your comment or accessed from your blog.

For Extra entries to win:

1) Follow any of my 3 blogs on the right sidebar and you can gain 3 entries for
each one follow! You need to come back here and comment to tell me.

2) Add any of my buttons (4 in all including the pouchee button) to your site and
come back here and add a link to blog. This will gain you 3 entries for each
button you add!

3) Twitter about this giveaway and gain an entry. Come back here and comment to let
me know.

4) Blog about this giveaway and gain an entry. Come back here and comment to let me

This contest ends on January 14th at 8pm. Good luck!!

The winner is Carol!! Congrats.
If you didn't win, then you can still buy one at my pouchee site. Just go to
my Organize with Sandy Pouchee and you can pick one up!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The winner of the mini books is Carol!!! You can visit her blog at
If you didn't win you can still purchase these great books and others from

Thanks for all your entries!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Notes in the Night Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the Notes in the Night contest was Ilissa!! Congrats!!
But visit her blog for more chances to win things!
She was one of the last to enter, but had several paid off for her.

1-2-3...Get Organized Mini book Review and Giveaway

Beverly Coggins is a professional organizer and has written several mini books to help people get organized easily. These are easy to read books and are brief but cover a magnitude of information! Her years of experience as a professional organizer gives her insight and many tips that can help even an experienced organizer.
She has mini books and ebooks available. Here are a few of what she offers:
*Three Steps to Time Management in the Office
*Three Steps to Time Management for the College Student
*Three Steps to Decluttering
*Three Steps to Downsizing to a Smaller Residence
and many more.

Each book is divided into 3 chapters. This is the general breakdown.
1) Saying good-bye to unnecessary items
2) Rearranging your area (whatever area she is writing about)
3) Maintaining the system or area and keeping it organized.

*The books are colorful and fun to read
*They are full of good information
*The are simple and not overwhelming for anyone.
*Even a child would be able to read and understand them.

*They are so cute and small that someone might feel they aren't getting a full book of knowledge when they first receive them. (This isn't really a con because once they read them they will realize how much valuable information is actually in this small book. More than enough to organize the job they wanted!!)

Beverly has offered for me to give you a chance to win 3 of her mini books!
Three Steps to Organizing your Kitchen,
Three Steps to Organizing your Child's Room
Three Steps to Organizing your Office

To buy these and many other items you can visit Beverly's web site at

** visit and come back and tell me which product you would love to have.

To win extra chances:
1) Twitter about this giveaway and come back and tell me about it.
2) Blog about this giveaway and come back and tell me about it.
3) For each of my buttons that you post on your blog you can win 3 chances each
to win. You must come back comment for each entry and post the link to your
4) For each of my 3 blogs you follow you will get 3 chances to win. You must come
back and post an entry for each chance to win. So if you follow 2 of my blogs
then you will be writing 6 comments!

Please make sure that your e-mail or a blog address is on everything you enter so that I can reach you to let you know if you have won.

This contest will end on December 30th at 8pm.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Winner of the Password Directory

The winner of the password directory is Deb!!! Congratulations!
Go visit her site
Thanks for entering Deb.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Notes in the Night Giveaway!!!

We all have those night when you wake up with all those thoughts swirling around keeping you awake. If you are anything like me you need to write them down so that you know you won't forget them in the morning. But to actually get up out of bed, turn on a light (you don't want to wake up your husband)and find a pen is too much trouble. So you lay there thinking about it over and over again so you will be determined not to forget it in the am. (which many of us do anyway).
Here is a solution to that, Notes in the Night. Judy Warmington came up with this to help solve just that problem. It's a note pad with a pen that lights up.
You click the pen once and it is a regular pen, you click it 2 times again and it lights up. Then you can write in the dark without having to wake up your husband. Problem solved.

1) Small and convenient to keep at your bedside.
2) Pen lights up so you can see in the dark.
3) Can store in the cute bag it comes in.

1) Not sure how long the light in the pen works.
2) Can't think of any other cons...

To buy:
Go to and purchase it for $7.99 plus S&H.

Win it:
1) Tell me why you would like it and come back to comment on it.
2) Twitter about it and come back to tell me.
3) Blog about it and come back and tell me.
4) Add any of my buttons to your site and you can get an entry for each button you add, just come back and comment on each one you add.

You must add your e-mail to your comment if you do not have a blog that has your contact information on it. (so I can contact you if you win!!)

Contest ends on December 23rd at 8pm. You must respond within 48 hours of when I contact you by e-mail if you win, otherwise I will contact another winner.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Password Directory review and Giveaway!

This little black book can be your life saver!!
It is a directory for all of your user names, ID's and passwords.
Its alphabetized by Website so it makes everything easy to find.
Its small enough to carry in your purse or laptop bag or have right in your desk drawer.
There is a password hint, so that you don't have to actually put in your password if you want to protect your privacy.
Size: 6 1/4" x 3 3/4"

Small and easy to store or carry
Has all the information you need to remember your web sites and passwords
Spiral bound so opens easy and lays flat

Too little for someone who might need reading glasses (like me!)
If you have many sites, because it is spiral bound, you can't add pages in.

I bought this and was very excited to use it (because I need it!). I found for me it is just too small. I was struggling to see it clearly with my reading glasses, so I decided not to start filling anything in. I plan to buy the bigger one that I have seen for about $19.99. The larger one is in the same format, so that I like. The only problem for me personally was the size. The small size would probably be a plus for most. Because of my bad of you gets to benefit. I am going to give it away.
Contest will run until December 19th at 8pm.

To Buy:
About $9.99
The Container Store

To Win:
1) Tell me why you would like to win this. Come back here and post a comment (with your e-mail)

To get extra chances to win: (All need separate comments back with e-mail)
2) Twitter about this give away and come back and tell me about it.
3) Blog about the giveaway.
4) Add any of my 4 buttons on your sites and get a chance for each.
5) Follow any of my 3 blogs and get a chance for each.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure I have your e-mail address or blog information so that I have a way to contact you.
Must respond to my e-mail within 48 hours if you win, otherwise I will choose another winner.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pouchee Winner - Congrats Shel!!

My son Tim picked the winner. I keep things simple and honest in my giveaways.

The winner of the black and kangaroo pouchee is Shel!!
Here is the link to her blog - "Gone on Arrival-Unable to mind!"
Go visit it. Look for her cute box of crayon button.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pouchee Give Away!

Scroll down to see the pouchee review and give away that is still going on until December 10th!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Review on the Organizing Specialists training program

This is a training for anyone new to the field of organizing or who is thinking about wanting to become a professional organizer.
The objectives are to train others to become independent contractors in order to meet the increasing demand for organizing services, to maintain a high level of professionalism amongst organizers, to continue to mentor/coach those who have trained with us, and to work together in a referral network.
Judy Warmington and Treva Berends have over 35 years combined years of organizing experience and they have trained over 300 people in their network from over 23 states!
This is a 12 hour one day course (8am-8pm) held at Judy's home in Michigan. You receive a training manual to keep that is over 150 pages and all your meals for the day. This also includes free on going mentoring after your training class and membership in The Organizing Spcialists Referral Network with the potential of receiving/giving client referrals.

That was the information from Judy and Treva about their class. Now let me tell you about my personal experience with this class. I took their class in 2007. I found them on the internet when I was looking for some professional training for my business. I had bought a couple of other books on beginning your business as a Professional Organizer and they just fell flat for me. I felt like I pretty much knew everything they were saying and I felt like I needed more.
I do have to say that I was a little concerned about going to someone's house for this training and wondered how professional it was going to be. But I learned that it was nothing but professional and having it in her home was a benefit. I think she can manage up to like 17 people before they have to get another facility..but it wouldn't be as comfortable as her home! I live in Ohio and I had to drive about 5 hours, so I knew I was going to need lodging for Friday and Saturday nights. (They hold them on Saturdays) Judy told me that she can sleep 6 people at her house and Treva can sleep several too. It is on a first come first serve basis who gets the free lodging. I was one of them. Boy you can't do better than that! I drove over and got there Friday evening. Heck, if you fly in they will even pick you up and drop you off at the airport! Judy greeted me and took me to her finished basement with a family room already for guests. I had my own room (I was the first there). There was a little welcome basket of goodies and I talked with another woman there for the training.
The training started promptly at 8am. Not a minute of our time was wasted. They actually started out by telling us there were going to be no breaks! What? We were free to get up and stretch or go to the bathroom at any point. They took our lunch and dinner orders that am. At lunch time while one of them spoke, the other one got our meals ready. We filed out to the kitchen and picked up our specific tray with the meal we ordered, went back out and I think watched a video while we ate. The same happened for dinner. I never felt like I needed anymore of a break than what I got.
By the time this 12 hours was over I felt excited and ready to go. I felt I had learned soooo much and had so many of the questions answered that I could not get from other books. The notebook we were given has been invaluable. There are forms in there to help you and reference numbers and web sites to help.
I have contacted Judy several times since I left asking questions.
They have their class several times a year. The next dates are April 18 and June 6, 2009.
The cost is $399 per person. If you register at least 4 weeks in advance you get a $40 discount! If you and a friend attend together then you get the price of $339 (save $60).

*Wonderful training to start an Organizing business
*Training manual that is fantastic!
*Follow up mentoring
*Membership into the Organizing Specialists Network
*Good food and accommodations for the 12 hours (when do you get to sit on a comfy
couch or chair for a seminar?)
*No wasted time. This could easily have been a full weekend course.
*Professional training and invaluable information
*Cost is very reasonable

*It may be out of your area and there may be travel involved (how many programs
do you have in your back yard though?)
*I haven't gotten any referrals from them, but I am out of their target zone state.
*You might say the cost. (But to be honest I have seen several programs before and
after that aren't half the content and are more expensive. I have seen programs
for 3 hours of training for $225.) I don't think this really qualifies as a
con for me. You do have to invest in learning most of the time.
*hmmmm....I'm trying to think of negative things....its just not happening though.

To sign up for this program yourself go to:
or call Judy at 616-669-4855. If you call or notify them, please give them my name.

Win a $25 certificate towards the 12 hour training program!

1) Visit and come back here and tell me one
thing you saw on their site that I did not mention.

2) Blog about this training class and give away on your blog, and come here and
comment on it.

3) Follow me by adding your name onto my sidebar as a follower. Then come back
here and tell me.

4) Add one of my buttons onto your site and come back here and tell me.

This contest will close on December 12th at 8pm. Please make sure that your e-mail
is on your posts so I can contact you.

Thanks and good luck. You will not be sorry that you got to attend this class!!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pouchee Review and Give Away!

The pouchee - Ultimate Purse Organizer!
I discovered the pouchee about a year and a half ago and have loved it ever since. Anita Crook is the woman who invented this wonderful purse organizer. Her son gave her a designer purse for Christmas in 2004 and she knew she wouldn't use it because it was one big open purse and no pockets or dividers. So she decided to do something about it. Did she ever! This magnificent purse was designed so that you can put all your essentials into it and then transfer it from purse to purse when ever you want to change purses to match your outfits. Going from a purse to a diaper bag, gym bag or pool bag are several other ways it can benefit you. I also carry mine by itself into stores if I do not want to save my shoulder and not lug my entire purse in. Teenagers think they are really cool and little girls love the little mini purse!
You do not have to be a purse changer to enjoy this pouchee. I change purses myself twice a year...spring and fall. But it keeps everything organized in my purse and soooo easy to find!! I am never digging for my cell phone or checkbook!

Dimensions are: 7 1/4" length 5 1/4" height 3 1/2" wide (expanded)
Divided pocket inside
Side Pocket inside for bills or coupons
Zipper pocket inside for change or anything you want to stay personal.
Two pouches inside for lipstick or extra pens
Outside front has 5 credit card slots and a pocket for glasses etc.
Outside back has 2 pockets that fit cell phones, notepad, sunglasses
Outside back also has a pen holder
2 ring holders to carry it with - fold down to stay out of the way.
There is a magnetic closure
It has a flat bottom so that it can sit on its own.
The pouchee comes in either cotton fabric or leatherette. There are 14 cotton and 8 leatherette colors to choose from.

You can easily store:
*Check book (I have 3 in mine!!)
*Reading glasses or sunglasses
*Cell phone
*Money and change
*Credit cards
*And so much more!!

Keeps your purse organized!
Easy to switch purses!
Use as a purse on its own!
Great gift!

Doesn't fit in real small purses
Credit card slots aren't good to use for credit cards if you are going to
shop with it on its own. (but good for AAA cards, library cards etc.
Metal handles can get cold if you carry it on its own outside your purse in
the winter.

Now you can buy it or win it!!
Get your entries in by Wednesday December 10th by 8pm and you can be the lucky winner of this really great purse organizer!!

Buy it:
Go to my pouchee page at and purchase one there. Don't forget to get some extras as gifts. They are great to send in the mail!

Win it:
1) Go to my pouchee tab above..hit it... and look around my pouchee page.
Come back here and tell me which is your favorite color! You must put your
e-mail in the body of your comment if you don't have a profile attached.
Otherwise I will have no way to contact you and your entry will be for

For extra entries to win:
1) For each one of my 3 buttons (blog, review site or pouchees) you post
on your side bar you can get an entry for each. Just come back
and tell me which ones you posted for your extra entries!

2) Blog about my review and give away on your blog and come back and tell
me about it. Don't forget to give me the direct link to your blog!

3) Follow my review site and get an extra entry, follow my blog and get
and extra entry. Just come back and tell me in the comments with your

You have many ways to win this. I will be giving away the black with pink kanagroos on it for the prize!!

Good luck!!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Submit an Organizing Product for Review

If you would like to submit an organizing product for me to review and/or give away, please e-mail me with the product you are interested in me reviewing. Here is my media kit.
It needs to be something that can help to organize something in your life. It may be for your home, children, office, life style or time management. There may be times that I will consider a product or a service that may not be related to organizing, but I think it can be beneficial to a family.
If you feel you have a service or another offer that you would like to discuss with me, I would be interested in talking to you. I do accept payment and products and services or offers for reviews.
Please see disclosure policy.
I want to let you know that I will be impartial and tell my readers the truth. If I have a big problem with something you have asked me to review I will let you know and tell you that I may not give you a real favorable review. Then you can make the decision if you would still like me to post it or not. I may include negatives in my review that I feel are pertinent (and will not necessarily contact you about those unless it is more negative than positive) but I will look for the positives of your product and point those out.
The product or service you are sending me will not be returned and is understood that it is used as an advertising tool for your business, and will not be paid for. If you would also like to provide another one of the same products, the second one would be used for a giveaway. You can also send me any information about the product including pictures. I most often will take my own pictures and use my own wording for my reviews. I may incorporate some of the information you give me for educational purposes of the product, but please do not give me a "prewritten"
script that you expect me to use.
Just send one product to me and when the winner is announced then I will e-mail you the winners name and you can ship it to them within 48 hours.
*If you ship me the giveaway I will ask you to send out another one to the winner and you will not receive the one sent in error back. I do not want to incur shipping costs.
Contest will almost always increase traffic to your site.
Please leave your link to your site.
Please keep in mind that because I review primarily organizational products, I do not have the volume of reviews that most sites have. In general I review one product a week. So it may be several weeks to months before your product/service comes up for review. I keep a list on my left hand sidebar of the order of my reviews. (There may be a time that one that is time related does get jumped ahead in line)
I will also be sprinkling my review site with other reviews that most likely will not have giveaways associated with them. These posts will not effect the order of when your post comes up...these are added in extra. This would include my Tastecasting visits or other offers that I may have been given the opportunity to see or go to free of charge .


Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Review Site!

My new review site!! What do you think?
Give me a couple days to work on the layout. I will be getting a couple of reviews ready for you.
I will be reviewing my pouchee and having a give away and Bev Coggins is sending me a couple of her books to review (that is going to be cool!!).

If there is anyone who wants to help me launch my new review site and would like their organizing product reviewed, please comment or e-mail me at

You can go to if you would like a chance now at winning a free pouchee. Read her review too.

Keep checking site will be up soon!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Organizing Online with Sandy

Are you always searching through piles of papers to find that one bill that you know is in there? Can’t invite people into your home because you are too embarrassed over the mess? Have a medically fragile child or adult in your home and have no idea how to handle all the supplies and where to put them? Have a craft business out of your home but all your supplies are all over the floor because you don’t know how to organize them?

Hiring a professional organizer may seem like the answer to your prayers!

For most people it something that can be done because the money is just not in the budget or there is not a Professional Organizer near you. Many people don’t even know that the option for a Professional Organizer exists.
I do have to say that it CAN be the best investment you may ever make if you are able to hire one to come in and help you hands on to sort through your things and help you make decisions. By the time many individuals are ready to think about needing help to organize their things it is because it has gotten to a point that is causing them problems in their marriage, self esteem, family life is suffering.
I recommend that your first step is to contact The National Association of Professional Organizers or Faithful Organizers and find a Professional Organizer that is close to you to help you hands on. (If you are near Columbus Ohio, then call me!!)
If financially this is just not possible then I may be able to help you online. We can work on your space over the internet. This will require you doing all the work yourself. I will give you guidelines and ideas…you have to implement them yourself.

How it works:
1) E-mail me and we can discuss your space and what you are hoping to get out of your space.
2) E-mail me pictures of your space.
3) If I agree to take on your case then I would need payment for the work to be done. (The payment covers my time to work on your plan and research options and supplies you may need, the follow up is basically I am not getting paid for.)
4) You would need to send more photos and measurements of your space if I need them.
5) I would work up a plan and send it to you.
6) We would work via e-mails daily on what you can do that day or week and a time frame that would be fair to complete the assignment for that day.
7) Pictures sent along the way so I can see your progress.
8) Correspondence until the job is complete.

Requirement from you:
1) Pictures and measurements taken and e-mailed to me.
2) Payment to be made through pay pal before I work on your plan.
3) Agreement to do the work in a time frame we agree on.
4) Pictures along the way so I can see your progress.
5) Answering my e-mails in a timely fashion.
6) No e-mail spamming or using my information for purposes other than we discussed. No e-mails other than our conversations (do not put me on a list to receive joke or other forwarded e-mails), no obscene pictures or verbiage, or phone calls.

What you can expect from me:
1) Privacy of your name and location and e-mail address. I will not use them for any other purposes.
2) Before and after pictures may be used on my blog or web site with your permission to help show others that it can be done and what a wonderful job you did.
3) A plan for your space
4) E-mail correspondences to walk you through the process.
5) Phone conversation if needed (extra fee possible)
6) Pats on the back!! (well not literally since you are there and I am here)

I reserve the right to discontinue the work with you and not return payment if :
1) There is any form of spamming, verbal, picture or phone calling obscenities or abuse.
2) If you are not making any efforts to do the work (with much effort on my part).
3) Any obsessive e-mailing or phone calling without progress on your part.

There may be cases that I will not take on. If you have a problem with hoarding (which you may not be aware) or are chronically disorganized (you may also not be aware..or even know what either of those are for that matter) then I will refer you to the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization
If I see the pictures and realize that you need more help than I am able to give online then I would not do you the disservice of taking on your case knowing I would not be able to help you.

If you are interested in working with me online to tackle some of your hard hit areas that you don’t have any idea how to organize…then please e-mail me at and I will discuss fees with you.