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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Organizing Online with Sandy

Are you always searching through piles of papers to find that one bill that you know is in there? Can’t invite people into your home because you are too embarrassed over the mess? Have a medically fragile child or adult in your home and have no idea how to handle all the supplies and where to put them? Have a craft business out of your home but all your supplies are all over the floor because you don’t know how to organize them?

Hiring a professional organizer may seem like the answer to your prayers!

For most people it something that can be done because the money is just not in the budget or there is not a Professional Organizer near you. Many people don’t even know that the option for a Professional Organizer exists.
I do have to say that it CAN be the best investment you may ever make if you are able to hire one to come in and help you hands on to sort through your things and help you make decisions. By the time many individuals are ready to think about needing help to organize their things it is because it has gotten to a point that is causing them problems in their marriage, self esteem, family life is suffering.
I recommend that your first step is to contact The National Association of Professional Organizers or Faithful Organizers and find a Professional Organizer that is close to you to help you hands on. (If you are near Columbus Ohio, then call me!!)
If financially this is just not possible then I may be able to help you online. We can work on your space over the internet. This will require you doing all the work yourself. I will give you guidelines and ideas…you have to implement them yourself.

How it works:
1) E-mail me and we can discuss your space and what you are hoping to get out of your space.
2) E-mail me pictures of your space.
3) If I agree to take on your case then I would need payment for the work to be done. (The payment covers my time to work on your plan and research options and supplies you may need, the follow up is basically I am not getting paid for.)
4) You would need to send more photos and measurements of your space if I need them.
5) I would work up a plan and send it to you.
6) We would work via e-mails daily on what you can do that day or week and a time frame that would be fair to complete the assignment for that day.
7) Pictures sent along the way so I can see your progress.
8) Correspondence until the job is complete.

Requirement from you:
1) Pictures and measurements taken and e-mailed to me.
2) Payment to be made through pay pal before I work on your plan.
3) Agreement to do the work in a time frame we agree on.
4) Pictures along the way so I can see your progress.
5) Answering my e-mails in a timely fashion.
6) No e-mail spamming or using my information for purposes other than we discussed. No e-mails other than our conversations (do not put me on a list to receive joke or other forwarded e-mails), no obscene pictures or verbiage, or phone calls.

What you can expect from me:
1) Privacy of your name and location and e-mail address. I will not use them for any other purposes.
2) Before and after pictures may be used on my blog or web site with your permission to help show others that it can be done and what a wonderful job you did.
3) A plan for your space
4) E-mail correspondences to walk you through the process.
5) Phone conversation if needed (extra fee possible)
6) Pats on the back!! (well not literally since you are there and I am here)

I reserve the right to discontinue the work with you and not return payment if :
1) There is any form of spamming, verbal, picture or phone calling obscenities or abuse.
2) If you are not making any efforts to do the work (with much effort on my part).
3) Any obsessive e-mailing or phone calling without progress on your part.

There may be cases that I will not take on. If you have a problem with hoarding (which you may not be aware) or are chronically disorganized (you may also not be aware..or even know what either of those are for that matter) then I will refer you to the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization
If I see the pictures and realize that you need more help than I am able to give online then I would not do you the disservice of taking on your case knowing I would not be able to help you.

If you are interested in working with me online to tackle some of your hard hit areas that you don’t have any idea how to organize…then please e-mail me at and I will discuss fees with you.

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