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Monday, December 1, 2008

Submit an Organizing Product for Review

If you would like to submit an organizing product for me to review and/or give away, please e-mail me with the product you are interested in me reviewing. Here is my media kit.
It needs to be something that can help to organize something in your life. It may be for your home, children, office, life style or time management. There may be times that I will consider a product or a service that may not be related to organizing, but I think it can be beneficial to a family.
If you feel you have a service or another offer that you would like to discuss with me, I would be interested in talking to you. I do accept payment and products and services or offers for reviews.
Please see disclosure policy.
I want to let you know that I will be impartial and tell my readers the truth. If I have a big problem with something you have asked me to review I will let you know and tell you that I may not give you a real favorable review. Then you can make the decision if you would still like me to post it or not. I may include negatives in my review that I feel are pertinent (and will not necessarily contact you about those unless it is more negative than positive) but I will look for the positives of your product and point those out.
The product or service you are sending me will not be returned and is understood that it is used as an advertising tool for your business, and will not be paid for. If you would also like to provide another one of the same products, the second one would be used for a giveaway. You can also send me any information about the product including pictures. I most often will take my own pictures and use my own wording for my reviews. I may incorporate some of the information you give me for educational purposes of the product, but please do not give me a "prewritten"
script that you expect me to use.
Just send one product to me and when the winner is announced then I will e-mail you the winners name and you can ship it to them within 48 hours.
*If you ship me the giveaway I will ask you to send out another one to the winner and you will not receive the one sent in error back. I do not want to incur shipping costs.
Contest will almost always increase traffic to your site.
Please leave your link to your site.
Please keep in mind that because I review primarily organizational products, I do not have the volume of reviews that most sites have. In general I review one product a week. So it may be several weeks to months before your product/service comes up for review. I keep a list on my left hand sidebar of the order of my reviews. (There may be a time that one that is time related does get jumped ahead in line)
I will also be sprinkling my review site with other reviews that most likely will not have giveaways associated with them. These posts will not effect the order of when your post comes up...these are added in extra. This would include my Tastecasting visits or other offers that I may have been given the opportunity to see or go to free of charge .


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cabingirl said...

I really liked the Christian Family Planner and feel it was well organized. I liked the fact that grocery lists were included.