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Friday, December 5, 2008

Review on the Organizing Specialists training program

This is a training for anyone new to the field of organizing or who is thinking about wanting to become a professional organizer.
The objectives are to train others to become independent contractors in order to meet the increasing demand for organizing services, to maintain a high level of professionalism amongst organizers, to continue to mentor/coach those who have trained with us, and to work together in a referral network.
Judy Warmington and Treva Berends have over 35 years combined years of organizing experience and they have trained over 300 people in their network from over 23 states!
This is a 12 hour one day course (8am-8pm) held at Judy's home in Michigan. You receive a training manual to keep that is over 150 pages and all your meals for the day. This also includes free on going mentoring after your training class and membership in The Organizing Spcialists Referral Network with the potential of receiving/giving client referrals.

That was the information from Judy and Treva about their class. Now let me tell you about my personal experience with this class. I took their class in 2007. I found them on the internet when I was looking for some professional training for my business. I had bought a couple of other books on beginning your business as a Professional Organizer and they just fell flat for me. I felt like I pretty much knew everything they were saying and I felt like I needed more.
I do have to say that I was a little concerned about going to someone's house for this training and wondered how professional it was going to be. But I learned that it was nothing but professional and having it in her home was a benefit. I think she can manage up to like 17 people before they have to get another facility..but it wouldn't be as comfortable as her home! I live in Ohio and I had to drive about 5 hours, so I knew I was going to need lodging for Friday and Saturday nights. (They hold them on Saturdays) Judy told me that she can sleep 6 people at her house and Treva can sleep several too. It is on a first come first serve basis who gets the free lodging. I was one of them. Boy you can't do better than that! I drove over and got there Friday evening. Heck, if you fly in they will even pick you up and drop you off at the airport! Judy greeted me and took me to her finished basement with a family room already for guests. I had my own room (I was the first there). There was a little welcome basket of goodies and I talked with another woman there for the training.
The training started promptly at 8am. Not a minute of our time was wasted. They actually started out by telling us there were going to be no breaks! What? We were free to get up and stretch or go to the bathroom at any point. They took our lunch and dinner orders that am. At lunch time while one of them spoke, the other one got our meals ready. We filed out to the kitchen and picked up our specific tray with the meal we ordered, went back out and I think watched a video while we ate. The same happened for dinner. I never felt like I needed anymore of a break than what I got.
By the time this 12 hours was over I felt excited and ready to go. I felt I had learned soooo much and had so many of the questions answered that I could not get from other books. The notebook we were given has been invaluable. There are forms in there to help you and reference numbers and web sites to help.
I have contacted Judy several times since I left asking questions.
They have their class several times a year. The next dates are April 18 and June 6, 2009.
The cost is $399 per person. If you register at least 4 weeks in advance you get a $40 discount! If you and a friend attend together then you get the price of $339 (save $60).

*Wonderful training to start an Organizing business
*Training manual that is fantastic!
*Follow up mentoring
*Membership into the Organizing Specialists Network
*Good food and accommodations for the 12 hours (when do you get to sit on a comfy
couch or chair for a seminar?)
*No wasted time. This could easily have been a full weekend course.
*Professional training and invaluable information
*Cost is very reasonable

*It may be out of your area and there may be travel involved (how many programs
do you have in your back yard though?)
*I haven't gotten any referrals from them, but I am out of their target zone state.
*You might say the cost. (But to be honest I have seen several programs before and
after that aren't half the content and are more expensive. I have seen programs
for 3 hours of training for $225.) I don't think this really qualifies as a
con for me. You do have to invest in learning most of the time.
*hmmmm....I'm trying to think of negative things....its just not happening though.

To sign up for this program yourself go to:
or call Judy at 616-669-4855. If you call or notify them, please give them my name.

Win a $25 certificate towards the 12 hour training program!

1) Visit and come back here and tell me one
thing you saw on their site that I did not mention.

2) Blog about this training class and give away on your blog, and come here and
comment on it.

3) Follow me by adding your name onto my sidebar as a follower. Then come back
here and tell me.

4) Add one of my buttons onto your site and come back here and tell me.

This contest will close on December 12th at 8pm. Please make sure that your e-mail
is on your posts so I can contact you.

Thanks and good luck. You will not be sorry that you got to attend this class!!


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