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Friday, December 12, 2008

Password Directory review and Giveaway!

This little black book can be your life saver!!
It is a directory for all of your user names, ID's and passwords.
Its alphabetized by Website so it makes everything easy to find.
Its small enough to carry in your purse or laptop bag or have right in your desk drawer.
There is a password hint, so that you don't have to actually put in your password if you want to protect your privacy.
Size: 6 1/4" x 3 3/4"

Small and easy to store or carry
Has all the information you need to remember your web sites and passwords
Spiral bound so opens easy and lays flat

Too little for someone who might need reading glasses (like me!)
If you have many sites, because it is spiral bound, you can't add pages in.

I bought this and was very excited to use it (because I need it!). I found for me it is just too small. I was struggling to see it clearly with my reading glasses, so I decided not to start filling anything in. I plan to buy the bigger one that I have seen for about $19.99. The larger one is in the same format, so that I like. The only problem for me personally was the size. The small size would probably be a plus for most. Because of my bad of you gets to benefit. I am going to give it away.
Contest will run until December 19th at 8pm.

To Buy:
About $9.99
The Container Store

To Win:
1) Tell me why you would like to win this. Come back here and post a comment (with your e-mail)

To get extra chances to win: (All need separate comments back with e-mail)
2) Twitter about this give away and come back and tell me about it.
3) Blog about the giveaway.
4) Add any of my 4 buttons on your sites and get a chance for each.
5) Follow any of my 3 blogs and get a chance for each.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure I have your e-mail address or blog information so that I have a way to contact you.
Must respond to my e-mail within 48 hours if you win, otherwise I will choose another winner.



HerMedia said...

I love this idea. I save my passwords in excel but this would be handy for on the road and 'back up'

The Almost Always Organized Mom

Sandy Jenney said...

I had my passwords all on a list on my computer desktop and it was just gone one day. Nothing else missing...we couldn't find the file anywhere. Scary! But that was so easy. I'm too scared to put them back on my computer anywhere now though.

cpullum said...

I would love to win this as for now I am using a 3 Sunject Notebook! This would make my life so much easier and efficent!

Cindy said...

I need this. With 4 blogs, 7 e-mail addresses and who knows how many other online things. I am always guessing which password to use.

Cindy said...

I twittered.

Deb said...

What timing! My USB is on the blink. I bent it, badly, and I'm having a hard time getting it to connect. I need a place to store all my passwords before I lose access to everything!

My USB drive has a program called Roboform, which is wonderful, but not if I lose all the saved account info.

Deb said...

I grabbed your organize with Sany button. Thanks!

Corinna said...

I would love to win this because my memory is terrible and I am always forgetting my passwords! What a fabulous idea.


Petula said...

I'd like to win this to give as a gift. I don't think I'd be able to see it either. :D I had to take my glasses off the other day to read something!

My2Gs said...

I would love to win it so I could keep myself organized :)

Rebecca said...

Along with running my websites I also just recently became a VA (Virtual Assistant) and as I gain clients I am getting a lot of passwords to sites and I need to keep them organized. This would help A LOT. I would love to win!

I have a contact page on my website here:
that you can email me through if I should win.

Thank you!

My2Gs said...

I just twittered it for ya :)

silverhartgirl said...

. I am alway forgetting password and misplacing paper I write them on.I would love this
silverhartgirl at gmail dot com

Betsy said...

i could really use this. i have so many accounts and never know which passwords go with which account. thanks for the giveaway!

Jocelyn said...

I am always entering my few different passwords into each place that needs a password...ahhh!


Jocelyn said...

Just twittered about it!!