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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pouchee Review and Give Away!

The pouchee - Ultimate Purse Organizer!
I discovered the pouchee about a year and a half ago and have loved it ever since. Anita Crook is the woman who invented this wonderful purse organizer. Her son gave her a designer purse for Christmas in 2004 and she knew she wouldn't use it because it was one big open purse and no pockets or dividers. So she decided to do something about it. Did she ever! This magnificent purse was designed so that you can put all your essentials into it and then transfer it from purse to purse when ever you want to change purses to match your outfits. Going from a purse to a diaper bag, gym bag or pool bag are several other ways it can benefit you. I also carry mine by itself into stores if I do not want to save my shoulder and not lug my entire purse in. Teenagers think they are really cool and little girls love the little mini purse!
You do not have to be a purse changer to enjoy this pouchee. I change purses myself twice a year...spring and fall. But it keeps everything organized in my purse and soooo easy to find!! I am never digging for my cell phone or checkbook!

Dimensions are: 7 1/4" length 5 1/4" height 3 1/2" wide (expanded)
Divided pocket inside
Side Pocket inside for bills or coupons
Zipper pocket inside for change or anything you want to stay personal.
Two pouches inside for lipstick or extra pens
Outside front has 5 credit card slots and a pocket for glasses etc.
Outside back has 2 pockets that fit cell phones, notepad, sunglasses
Outside back also has a pen holder
2 ring holders to carry it with - fold down to stay out of the way.
There is a magnetic closure
It has a flat bottom so that it can sit on its own.
The pouchee comes in either cotton fabric or leatherette. There are 14 cotton and 8 leatherette colors to choose from.

You can easily store:
*Check book (I have 3 in mine!!)
*Reading glasses or sunglasses
*Cell phone
*Money and change
*Credit cards
*And so much more!!

Keeps your purse organized!
Easy to switch purses!
Use as a purse on its own!
Great gift!

Doesn't fit in real small purses
Credit card slots aren't good to use for credit cards if you are going to
shop with it on its own. (but good for AAA cards, library cards etc.
Metal handles can get cold if you carry it on its own outside your purse in
the winter.

Now you can buy it or win it!!
Get your entries in by Wednesday December 10th by 8pm and you can be the lucky winner of this really great purse organizer!!

Buy it:
Go to my pouchee page at and purchase one there. Don't forget to get some extras as gifts. They are great to send in the mail!

Win it:
1) Go to my pouchee tab above..hit it... and look around my pouchee page.
Come back here and tell me which is your favorite color! You must put your
e-mail in the body of your comment if you don't have a profile attached.
Otherwise I will have no way to contact you and your entry will be for

For extra entries to win:
1) For each one of my 3 buttons (blog, review site or pouchees) you post
on your side bar you can get an entry for each. Just come back
and tell me which ones you posted for your extra entries!

2) Blog about my review and give away on your blog and come back and tell
me about it. Don't forget to give me the direct link to your blog!

3) Follow my review site and get an extra entry, follow my blog and get
and extra entry. Just come back and tell me in the comments with your

You have many ways to win this. I will be giving away the black with pink kanagroos on it for the prize!!

Good luck!!



jencoe said...

Hi I love this idea. My purse is a mess and I can't find anything. The black one with the kangaroos is just too cute! I'm going to twitter about this promo too!

Blind Mom said...

Sandy these are so cute I really like the black and pink one. I have never one anything and alot of times do not know how to win.

Susan G. said...

Love them, great idea ! I like the tan one !

Trisha.R.Jackson said...

I love the black and pink one. My second favorite is the lighter pink one as it matches my Vera Bradley Puccini diaper bag.

I've created a blog post and included the Pouchee badge on my blog here:

Jamie said...

I love this idea! I too dread changing purses and knowing that I will not be able to find a thing.

Cindy said...

This would be so awesome! I love the hot pink one. I will tweet and put 1 button my site.

Cindy said...

I put your button on my blog

Marcia Francois said...

Sandy, well done on getting your review blog up so quickly. I love the hot pink one the best.

Jessica said...

I like the classic black one, but also the hot pink.

I want to win!

Jenni Lyn said...

This is perfect for my diaper bag...and cute too! I like the black and pink one. I am following both your reviews and your blog.

Sandy Jenney said...

Suzanne Frano had trouble posting I am doing it for her so I make sure to get her name in the contest. She subscribed to my blog and blogged about my give away on her blog. Thanks Suzanne! She also liked the hot pink the best.
You are entered.

Christina said...

I like the blue denim color one and what a great idea! It's so cute and I would love to win one! :)

Rebecca said...

I love love LOVE the chocolate brown one (cotton)- Please enter me.


Rebecca said...

I've also added a Pouchee button to my sidebar for an extra entry - thank you!

Jamie said...


I twittered about this a few days ago but didn't know if you would make the connection (JAGrant). :)

Please let me know when your family blog is up and running.

Indianapolis, IN, US said...

Perfect! Now I can find everything in my purse. You have a great idea here...

Jocelyn said...

I LOVE the chocolate brown one!!

I also posted your button on my blog!

Is Johnstown close to Cambridge?

Shel said...

I really need this, I have a great Guess Shopping Tote which is like the bottomless pit of purses...I can find magazines and books inside it. Consequently, I end up pulling all the contents out and putting them on the checkout counter when I'm trying to find my checkbook. This clever tool would really solve that problem!

I love the plain black one, that's the color of my purse now.

Shel said...

I also put all 3 of your buttons on my blog.

Shel said...

and I'm subscribed to both your blogs via Google reader and I'm following.

Terri said...

What a fabulous product. I'm loving the brown leatherette version.

Krissy and Angela said...

My favorite is actually the Black w/
Pink Kangaroos.
Just too cute and such an awesome idea!


Tracy said...

I was just thinking this morning how much my purse needed organizing. I really do think the black with pink kangaroos is the most adorable! Thank you for the contest-

Merrycricket said...

Pouchee is a pretty good idea. I'd go with the black leatherette so it would match my briefcase, then I could just leave the purse at home.

Clutter Rehab said...

It was hard to come up with just one favorite color, but I think I've settled on the red ones. I hope I win the give away. I have a purse I rarely use that I love. It doesn't have any sections inside so it's difficult to find anything in it.

Ginny said...

Following your blog

Ginny said...

I blogged ~

Anya said...

I like the hot pink one. Thanks.

Debra Conrad... Survived Her 50th Birthday said...

Oh the denim one of course. I'm a desert rat and we all "luvs our denim". This is such a cool idea. I've seen something similar on TV but they didn't look really useful.

This one is certainly a hit!

Nicole said...

I saw one of these recently, they are awesome. I would love to get my purse a little more organized

Sandy Jenney said...

Make sure you leave me an e-mail in your comment if you don't have a blog reference!! I have to be able to get in touch with you if you win!!

Jenna said...

The black and pink is a favorite!

Anonymous said...

I really love the Buxton Organizer! I got mine at .