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Monday, August 3, 2009

TasteCasting - Morton's The Steakhouse

We had a lovely experience at Morton's The Steakhouse tonight. There were 10 of us there from Tastecasting. We had a private room which was wonderful. Sara Goldberg (sales & marketing manager) took complete care of us...along with our server Joe. We also had a visit from Erin (also PR) and Dan (the assistant manager).
They started us off with some wonderful drinks. This was a cosmopolitan made with a Vodka from Finland (because I can't remember what the actual name was), triple sec and cranberry juice. (as refreshing as it looks!)

I am going to have more pictures than words from here on out because I think these pictures talk for themselves. These are all (except desserts) on their "Bar Bites" menu. If you sit at the bar and order these (from 5pm - close) then they are just $6.00 each. If you order them at your table, then they are regular price.

This is the Petite Filet Mignon Sandwich (you get 4) with mustard mayonnaise. There is also the Iceberg Wedge Bites - Bite-size wedge salads with tomato, egg, bacon and blue cheese dressing. These were both fantastic! Loved them both.
These Oysters on the Half Shell can also be purchased but they are $2.25 each. (I think this was the first time I had one that I didn't chew. I think you are either a fan of oysters or not. For was a nice taste of salt and very mild fish. I'm glad I tried it! For oysters I am sure it was wonderful. :)
Chicken Goujonettes (I am glad she pronounced it...I still couldn't if you asked me. LOL) These were like fancy chicken strips with the mustard mayonnaise. Very good, nice crisp on the outside and moist on the inside.
Sorry Joe for cutting off your head! Do these look yummy or what? Here is a close up!

Now is this a cheeseburger or what? This is the Prime Cheeseburger (you get 3 of them) Wonderful. You can't find a burger like this at McDonalds!
Just look at these fries! These are the Blue Cheese French Fries with melter blue cheese, red pepper flakes and chives. I ate them with a fork and loved every bite.

Jumbo Lump Crab, Spinach & Artichoke Dip. This was fantastic! The toasted french bread croutons (big croutons!) I have to say that all of the bread used in the burgers, sandwiches and these croutons were perfect. Moist and soft on the burgers and crisp but still soft on these croutons. That was one thing really noticed. Loved the breads!
This little yummy bite of food is a miniature crab cake with the mustard mayonnaise on it.
You can combine these Bar Bites with the Power Hour drinks from 5pm - close. There is a selection of brinks from beer to Morton's Mortinis ranging with special drink prices of $4-$7.

They were kind enough to bring us some of their desserts to test. (These are not on the Bar Bites menu) They brought us several to split and Jenn and Cheryl were ready to dive in as soon as we rang the bell!!

Could this carrot cake look any better?

Is your mouth watering for this Key Lime Pie?

We asked if Joe could do his "Table Presentation" for us. This is the presentation they do for every customer at the table side. He explains the cut of meat, vegetables and lobster (yes live). It was very informative!

I was very impressed with all of the food we were served. I have only been to a Morton's once and that was years ago in Chicago. There are Morton's nationwide and Canada, Asia, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Next time you want a special meal you will have to give it a try. I can't wait to go again (but next time it will be with my hubby!)

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Michele said...

OK...I just finished lunch and this post made me hungry again!

Great to meet you at Blogher. It was so nice to keep running into you at different intervals! :)