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Friday, March 20, 2009

Review of Ford Hybrids

Walking in the Columbus Auto Show before it opened to the public without my husband or kids was something I have to admit I didn't think I would be doing. But I was lucky enough to be invited (thanks to Christina of A Mommy Story who thought of me) to attend a private preview and then luncheon for the Ford Hybrids at the Columbus Auto Show. The Auto show runs until this Sunday March 22, 2009 at the Columbus Convention Center.

There were seven of us that are all on twitter and have blogs there to hear David Finnegan (Hybrid Vehicle Manager)and Megan MacRae (PR for Ford)give us all the info on the hybrids.
I learned a lot! They were explaining how Ford is working to make their cars as "green" as possible. Plus they are making this EcoBoost engine in Cleveland, OH. Now in eight of Ford's vehicles they are using soy-based foam in their seats. (I didn't even know there was such a thing.) They have an enviroSeat that has fabric and headrest bag made from compostable-type plastic derived 100% from corn. Then some of the side plastic material is made from sugar cane (too bad you can't eat it) and seating clips made from recycled water bottles. I thought that was really neat. We got to see and hear about the Fusion, Flex, Focus, Taurus and Mustang.

This is the 2010 Ford Focus. One of the features I thought was REALLY COOL about this car is that there is MyKey technology that is brand new. You can "help" your teen driver to stay safe without even being in the car with him/her. There are speed limits that can be set (so they can't go faster than 80mph), radio volume limits (so they can't blast out their ears and not hear sirens) and it also helps to conserve fuel.

This 2010 Mustang is just what a mother like me needs isn't it? No I mean I am serious!! Mom's of many kids are so used to riding in the minivans, SUV's and such that we would love to jump into one of these cool cars and take off. (Take that teenagers and mid-life crisis men)..this car isn't just for you!! Enough said.

Thank you Ford, anytime you want me to try one out for awhile, you just let me know...I would be more than happy to help.

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1 comment:

Betty said...

These look like really neat cars. My dad has always owned a Ford. The sugar cane plastic sounds yummy. Your right too bad we can't eat it lol!