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Monday, January 19, 2009

A 2nd chance for the Organising E-course Giveaway!!!

Marcia has graciously agreed to run her giveaway for a 2nd time!! Isn't she the bomb!!
Marcia Francois is the Organising Queen of South Africa! (Yes the spelling is different). She does speaking engagements and has several e-books on her site.
She was kind enough to give me the one called, "Organise Your Home E-course". It comes to me once a week for a period of 12 weeks!
In this course she helps you go through your home an reorganize it. She takes small things at a time so it isn't overwhelming. Week 3 for instance you organize your chest of drawers, go through your shoes, your bedside table and your handbags.
Her weekly sessions are easy to read and follow. She adds pictures for ideas and to help you understand.

*Simple and easy to follow
* E-book to keep it on your computer. Very eco-friendly!!
* Doesn't overwhelm you with an entire book at once.
*Tips and suggestions that you may have not thought of before.
*A lot of material for the price!
*She gives extra material for the price.

If you want to print out the information you can do that and follow it that way also!!

To Buy it go to: Take Charge Solutions (here is some information directly from her site.)
You Also Get 5 Great Bonuses
1. F-r-e-e Household Organising File (with 25 downloadable forms and checklists) worth $15
2. F-r-e-e report - my DREAM method of organising ANY space worth $17
3. Bonus section on organising your personal life worth $17
4. Lots of photo tips from my very own home to give you ideas (I’m very visual and I know this helps my clients too) - worth $37
5. Email support for the 3-month duration of the e-course (this alone is worth $141)
ALL THIS FOR ONLY $27!!! YOU GUYS THAT IS A FANTASTIC PRICE!!! This price will be going up on Feb. 1st so order yours today!!

To Win it:
1) Go to Take Charge Solutions and come back and tell me one other item she has for sale on her
site that you may be interested in. You may have to travel to one of her other pages. Then
come back here and comment about it. Be sure to leave an e-mail address for me.

For Extra Chances to Win!!

1) Twitter about this contest then come back here and tell me about it.

2) Follow me on twitter

3) Blog about this giveaway and come back to tell me.

4) Follow my blog by adding yourself to my followers list on the my right hand sidebar and
earn 3 more entries for each one of my 3 blogs you follow!! Come back to tell me though!

5) Add any of my 4 buttons and you can earn another 3 entries per button, but be sure to
come back and tell me if you want your entries to count! Make sure I have your e-mail

This giveaway will end on Friday January 30th at 6pm.

(You will have 48 hours to reply back to my e-mail if you are chosen as the winner. If you do not get back to me within that amount of time, I will pick another winner.)


Cindy said...

I think your blog is fabulous and cool! I am giving you the Fabulous and Cool double blog award. You can come pick up your award badges here.

Sandie said...

I would love to go through the 10 Steps to your Financial Freedom e-course. It looks fabulous and wouldn't take a bite out of my budget (if I had one)!

Sandie said...

I already follow you on Twitter :)

Sandie said...

Sent a tweet - and will keep on sendin' 'em! This is a very cool prize!

Sandie said...

I'm also a follower of your blog and have 3 buttons on my blog

Calee said...

I need the Organise your Business course too! I'd love to win the home course.

Calee said...

Following you on twitter

Calee said...

Tweeting away

Carolyn said...

I think I would love to try the Simplify Your Life e-course.

thanks for sharing

ceashark at aol dot com

carolyn s

Carolyn said...

I am a follower.

thanks again

ceashark at aol dot com

carolyn s

Jo's Corner said...

I saw that she had different ecourses..Time ecourse, Business Ecourse, They ALL are wondeful and I need ALL of them!! God Bless! Jo

Kelly said...

I like the look of her Organize your Time course as well - with 2 young kids, I need to manage my time MUCH better than I do right now, but I just don't know where to start sometimes. (We won't even start on how much my HOUSE needs organizing! ;-) )

AJ said...

Hi Sandy!

If you had ANY idea how much I need this...! I'm not sure which one of her other products I want first, the one for organizing my office (I'm thinking that would be a good start), my business, and home for sure!

I'm off to tweet again. Thanks!

Angel Beers said...

I'm gonna try this for the second time since its able to come back again. Yeah! I like the look of the time course. I just changed careers have to kids and a hubby thats only home every other month so organization is a must.

Angel Beers said...

I also follow you on titter

Angel Beers said...

I tweeted about it under the name rebelmomma

Angel Beers said...

I also subscribe to your blog